T. Loko Spoken Word Poetry

"Believe In Yourself or Nobody Will Give a Damn About You!"

Pill of Happiest
T. Love


Hello! Welcome to my website. Thank you all so much for your time to come on here and take a look at my creations. Please allow me to tell you just a little about myself. My name is Thinka McKeown, also known as my stage name, T. Loko. I am an inspired spoken word poet, I rap, and I am a motivational speaker . I write about almost everything regarding with my life, such as drug use, depression,  everything I have ever experience in my life and; also my sexuality.

Now I know you're probably wondering, "What is she all about?"  My objective is to be able to provide an escape route for people who feel like they can't come to anyone for any advice or just to vent and/or to also express themselves in any talented way they can, and maybe you too will be able to feel it in your heart and also feel all the hard work they put into it. I believe in giving everybody that chance to show their talent on my website. I don't know about you but I believe in DREAMS. So If you want to show off your talents to put yourself out there, just click on "Contact", and inbox me your information with a brief description about the poem, picture, or video you trying to get out there. And remember this "Believe in yourself or nobody will give a damn about you!" Once again, thank you for your time. -T.Loko

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