T. Loko Spoken Word Poetry

"Believe In Yourself or Nobody Will Give a Damn About You!"


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Why should I be mad for?

Posted by mckeown.cheniqua on August 21, 2012 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (40)

Four years in some months

And they say we can’t be together

10 to 15 I don’t even want to deal with

Love and happiest they want to take from us

Why should I be mad for?

It’s unbearable.

Smart comments, nasty looks

I guess I even more of a disgrace now

And all you know is that you love me and want to bewith me forever

But nobody can’t see that because they block by thewrong judge

And I say again why should I be mad for?

Knowing that your lips not on mines no more

I will be damn not to love any more

This heart of min been damage by these ignorantblack robs

And your heart been damage by all these messy fakehoes

Just realizing that the person you love is gettingtaking away by society

This is a tragedy to our love in nobody don’t evencare but us

So, I ask again, why should I be mad for?

I’m mad at the fact that I can’t love you no more

‘Cause this 10 to 15 turn into life without parole

‘Cause you died, because I told the truth

Six feet under and a six by six block

And nobody gives a fuck because they punch the clock

Now, why am I mad?


When I Fly

Posted by mckeown.cheniqua on August 20, 2012 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)

I fly in the sky ofpure white widow

While I’m laying on acloud of ecstasy

My mind was in a worldof pain

My body was in a worldof destruction

I feel so freakingloose that everybody hit this lick

And lick this bread ofall white chickens

My hand is on a triggerof an AK-48

In my broke down cloudwatching people get rape

I’m so gone that Mr.Jack Daniels beat me to a pillar of salt

Me and AK-48 had agood, beautiful night with this beamer that lay beside me

All I am and ever hopeto be fell out towards the stares

While these dreams ofmines got roll up with this purp

This cloud of mines isshot to outer space

Lay down in which me gofarther than Mars

‘Cause me, my mind,body, and soul is gone


Class Act of Tricking

Posted by mckeown.cheniqua on August 17, 2012 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I feel the love in her eyes

Words from her soul is so sad

The tricking of my mind made her love me more

I don’t care, money speaks more

No attraction from my eyes sight

But for hers it’s love at first sight

My conscious pours guilt

With a scent of filth

Money speaking louder

So I put ugliness behind me

Maybe I am feeling sorry

For the tricking of master

But I’m a genius of a pimp

Even smoother than a player

So I push towards that hustler

That makes money off of tears

Deceitfulness, ungratefulness, misery, and pain

That what my tongue hold for this insane mind

She pray her prayers with a kiss of hope

To leave me as the devil in disguise

I rain hope of lust and love

But find careless as I speak the truth of game

Shall I stop or play the game harder

Until you cry and run dry

I put aside my emotions

Where I cry myself to sleep

So I look deep inside your soul to find the heartyou love more for

Crush it, pound it, and mix it with my bread ofsorrow

Because this right here is a class act of tricking


Behind Closed Doors (S4S)

Posted by mckeown.cheniqua on August 16, 2012 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (0)

My love is dress with a masculine touch

When she breathe she breath in my lust

With a look in her eye you see a desire of passion

Like an ice cool drop of exciting pleasure

When my love speaks she makes me weak

With the calling of my name made me lose my speech

My love walks with a sly, smooth glide

That every time she comes around she makes me so happy and glad

My love is precious, so sweet and so innocent

That the taste of her lips and tongue

Makes my body so exquisite

The pull of my dreads, makes my eyes roll back

But the pulling of my love hair makes her hips roll back

Myl ove, I love in symphony

Whenever she plays my tone I feel so empty

My love is so true I tend to feel blue

But my realness tends to kill the feeling

My love is dress with the same clothes as me

She stays quiet like closed mouths no feed

But I tend not to care no laugh, no smile

The anger, the hate, the disgust, the disgrace

That’s why I stay quiet closed mouths no feed

Because the hungers of my love want tell no soul

My soul tells the whole truth

S4S just might be the death of me

But who cares though, my heart is dead though

My love, no love, no truth, want be told