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Class Act of Tricking

Posted by mckeown.cheniqua on August 17, 2012 at 2:10 PM

I feel the love in her eyes

Words from her soul is so sad

The tricking of my mind made her love me more

I don’t care, money speaks more

No attraction from my eyes sight

But for hers it’s love at first sight

My conscious pours guilt

With a scent of filth

Money speaking louder

So I put ugliness behind me

Maybe I am feeling sorry

For the tricking of master

But I’m a genius of a pimp

Even smoother than a player

So I push towards that hustler

That makes money off of tears

Deceitfulness, ungratefulness, misery, and pain

That what my tongue hold for this insane mind

She pray her prayers with a kiss of hope

To leave me as the devil in disguise

I rain hope of lust and love

But find careless as I speak the truth of game

Shall I stop or play the game harder

Until you cry and run dry

I put aside my emotions

Where I cry myself to sleep

So I look deep inside your soul to find the heartyou love more for

Crush it, pound it, and mix it with my bread ofsorrow

Because this right here is a class act of tricking


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